Would you like to be an albatross? I think it would not be a bad life. Just think of sailing over the seas on big wings.

Albatrosses are such agile birds in the air. That is what makes them some of my favourites, but they are so ungainly when landing. I can hardly believe that a bird can be so graceful and yet so clumsy.

I love albatrosses' big beaks. It makes them look powerful and strong. If I had to have a beak I would choose one like the albatrosses'. Which would be yours?

Until I watched a movie with albatrosses in it I hardly thought about them fishing and having to feed their young. I just took it for granted that they ate. Now I am awed at how skilled they must be and I wonder how much practise it would take to be a good fisher. I wonder if I could learn to fish like an albatross and fly. What do you think?

Albatrosses have lovely feathers. I often wonder how they keep their feathers so white. It must take them forever to clean them. I wonder if they often get tired of it and wish they had other coloured feathers which dirt does not show up on so much. What do you think? Or maybe they don't get their feathers dirty because they are flying all the time?

So all in all, life as an albatross would be very interesting, but as I think about it, I decide it would be a lot of hard work for nothing. I am glad I am a human. All my hard work will get me to Heaven.

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