Imogen is wonderful! She cooks dinners most nights. She is a wonderful cook. She never complains that someone else should have a go at cooking the dinner.

Imogen is always watching movies with Gemma-Rose and me, even when she wants to do something else, like write. She will leave what she is doing and sit down with us.

Even though Imogen is doing uni work, she still finds time to read Shakespeare plays with us, go running down the bush tracks and basically have fun.

Every time I need help with something or other, I can always go to Imogen for help. She is always willing to help me work out a maths question or sort out a problem in my knitting.

She is always playing board games with me and Gemma-Rose. She is a very fun person to play with, but so hard to beat. I don't think even Dad can beat her.

For the past few years Imogen has been teaching me to play the piano. She is always very patient and kind. Even now that I have a professional teacher she still helps me out between my lessons. I don't know another person who would do that.

Imogen is the best second oldest sister I can think of. I am glad I chose her as my confirmation sponsor!

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