Unexpected Garden Photos


Yesterday I went outside to take photos of our trampoline for my blog post. I ended up taking more photos of our garden than of the trampoline.

This is our wonderful ash tree. It was tiny when we got it, but now it is taller than me!

This picture is of a big gum tree at the bottom of our garden. It turned out a lot better than I thought!

These flowers are some of my favourites. They are chrysanthemums which always bloom close to Mother's Day. Maybe that's why they are the most popular Mother's Day flowers. They are very pretty, aren't they?

We have quite a few bushes like this one. It is very nice. I like how it has both red and green leaves.

These flowers are in the bottom of one of our flower beds. They just grow all around the plants. 

There are only a few of these flowers left now. They are a lovely pink, but you can't see that very well in the photo.

Our daisy bushes just keep growing. They make the garden look wonderful.

I love our garden. It has some wonderful plants in it. Which is your favourite picture? Mine is the top one with the pink flowers.

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