I was a hat baby! I had nearly no hair and so in summer I had to wear a hat otherwise I would have got sunburnt on the top of my head, and in winter I had to wear a hat to keep my head warm.

Unlike most babies, I liked hats. I didn't take them off or anything like that. I would sit there happily under my hat.

I still do like hats. Gemma-Rose and I have a big collection of hats, though I think I like hats better than she does.

I have heaps of beanies for winter and sun hats for summer. I love them all.

Whenever Charlotte has a hat she does not want, I will always take it in and add it to my collection. I can never have too many hats.

The only problem is that some of my hats have gotten too small and Gemma-Rose is the only one who can wear them, but then again, some hats are too big for her and so it is all fair in the end. 

I don't think I have changed much from when I was a baby, except, now I have quite a bit of hair. My hair is not as thick as the big girls' or Gemma-Rose's though.

Do you like hats?

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