Gemma-Rose on our trampoline

When I was little, Mum and Dad bought us a trampoline. I jumped and jumped on it.

After a few years, the trampoline started to fall to pieces. Last year it got to a stage where it was too unsafe to jump on. I was very sad.

Mum knew Gemma-Rose and I were upset about not being able to jump on the trampoline and so she made up a sneaky plan.

On Christmas day when we were giving out our last presents, Mum gave me and Gemma-Rose a surprise. We had to close our eyes as Mum and Callum brought something into the room. It made a lot of noise and I wondered what it was.

When we opened our eyes, there in front of us was a new trampoline! Of course it wasn't assembled. A put-together trampoline wouldn't have fitted through the door and into the living room. It was in a box.

I bounced up and down (on the floor, not the trampoline). It was too good to believe. A new trampoline. Gemma-Rose was just as excited.

a very bad photo of Gemma-Rose on our trampoline

The very next day Dad and Callum put the trampoline together and Gemma-Rose and I got to bounce on it.

Gemma-Rose and I love jumping on our trampoline. It is one of our favourite things to do outside.

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