A very old camera

"You know you are very lucky to have a camera," Mum said to me last night. "When I was a girl we had film cameras, and you only had twenty four shots per film, and then you had to wait until you had enough money for another one, and you would have to save up even more money to have your photos developed."

I think about what Mum said. I am really lucky to have a camera of my own. It is a much better camera that the ones Mum must have had.

"Nowadays you can just plug your camera into the computer and import all your pictures and then take some more," Mum said.

In the old days you couldn't take many photos before your film was full and you had to buy a new one. How lucky I am to be able to take as many photos as I like without having to worry about running out of film on my camera. And I can use my photos as many times as I like.

I think of how I took all those photos of Gemma-Rose's Pollys. There were more than twenty four photos. I would have used up all my film at once. I think of all the bad photos I took. If I had been using a film camera I would have wasted heaps of photos. Cameras are much better nowadays.

I think of how I like to take my camera out on picnics and take photos. If I owned one of those big cameras that people used in the old days which you have to shove your head under a blanket, than I would never have been able to take it out on a picnic. I am so glad my camera is small enough to fit in my pocket.

Cameras have a lot of settings: cake, people, animal, nature, etc. When Mum was little she only had one setting. I am so lucky to be living when I do and have all the things I have. I will have a lot of photos to remember my life by when I get old! Mum is right, I am very fortunate.

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