My little sister, Gemma-Rose's nickname is Gebbles. We all call her that.

It was Charlotte who came up with the name.

Gemma-Rose has never liked being called Gemma as it left out half her name and so Charlotte mixed  Gemma-Rose and the word gerbil together and got Gebbles. Gemma-Rose liked it.

At first only Charlotte and Dad called her Gebbles, and then it caught on and I started to called my youngest sister Gebbles instead of Gemma-Rose.

After a little while, everyone in the family was calling her Gebbles. We sometimes still call her Gemma-Rose, but never Gemma.

After a little while a lot of our friends stopped calling her Gemma and started on Gebbles.

When Charlotte first came up with the name, I never thought I would use it all the time, but it is much easier than calling, "Gemma-Rose", whenever I want her.

I think Gebbles suits Gemma-Rose. It is a very catchy name.

I love Gebbles!

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