Orthodontist and Dentist


I was quivering with nerves as I entered the orthodontist. What would he say when he found out that I hadn't wiggled my baby teeth out? I can't have my braces fitted with those teeth still in my mouth. Would he be angry?

It turned out that the orthodontist wasn't angry. He just smiled and joked about it. He poked about in my mouth a bit and then he looked at the x-rays he had of my mouth. He turned to Mum.

Me after teeth came out

"Sophie will have to have three teeth taken out," he said. I stared. Three teeth? I had never even h one tooth taken out by the dentist, let alone three.

Mum rang up the dentist and arranged for me to go and have my teeth out.

Yesterday afternoon, Mum, Imogen, Charlotte, Gemma-Rose and I hopped into the car to go off to the dentist. Mum, Imogen, Charlotte and Gemma-Rose were going just for check ups.

I was worried. Charlotte had already had four teeth taken out before she got braces. She said there was nothing to worry about, but I still worried. Charlotte told me that the worst bit after the anaesthetic was the noise and the crack as the tooth came out. It didn't sound nice.

An awful photo of my teeth

I sat down in the waiting room while everyone else got their teeth checked, and I thought about having three teeth out. I wondered which teeth. I was starting to think that the anaesthetic must be really painful if it was the worst part of having teeth out, when it was my turn to go in.

The dentist smiled at me as I entered and sat down in the chair. "I will start by putting the anaesthetic in," he told me.

"Are you going to take the teeth out before or after checking her teeth?" Mum asked.

"After. I'm just putting in the anaesthetic first so it can start taking effect," the dentist said. I closed my eyes as the needle went in. I opened them a few seconds later.

I hardly noticed what he was doing. I was too busy listening to what he was saying. Not all of it was on the subject of my teeth.

Then the dentist examined my teeth. I was not worried about them having any cavities or anything. I was not even thinking about what he was doing. I was thinking about all Charlotte had said about having teeth taken out.

"The inside of your mouth will hurt a bit more," the dentist said. I started to pay attention again. I suddenly realised that he had finished checking my teeth. What was wrong? Why was I feeling no pain? The dentist was still smiling and I could hardly feel my upper mouth. It turns out that all the teeth that were going to be pulled out were in the top half of my mouth.

Nothing was wrong, and in a few minutes the dentist was getting a tool to take out the teeth.

He started on the left side of my mouth. I closed my eyes again.

My mouth after the teeth came out, can you see the big gaps?

"Got it!" The dentist said. I opened my eyes at once. The dentist had my tooth and was putting it down on the tray. I had felt nothing.

The next one came out the same way. I was hardly feeling anything.

"Two more to go!" said the dentist as he put gauze in my mouth.

"Two more?" Mum asked. "Wasn't she going to have three out?"

"I was told four. I will check if you like." The dentist looked at the letter he had from the orthodontist. "No, it is definitely four."

"The orthodontist must have changed his mind," Mum said. The dentist agreed.

He started to take the next tooth out. I was trying to bite onto the gauze and have my mouth open at the same time. It was not easy.

The dentist kept putting his tool around my tooth and pulling, but the tooth did not come out. I was starting to feel a bit scared again. The dentist talked to the nurse and she went off to get something.

"The adult tooth has grown up the side of the tooth I am trying to get out, but it is in the way of my tool," the dentist explained. "I am going to get it out with a different tool."

As soon as he tried it with the new tool, the tooth came out. It still had a huge root.

The last tooth came out as smoothly as the first two. I was very glad. I got some more gauze to absorb the blood and was then able to go home. At first I tried to talk, but then I worked out it was no use and I just nodded and shook my head.

As soon as I was home, I sat in front of the TV and watched a movie till dinner.

By dinner time the bleeding had stopped enough for me to take the gauze out to eat. My mouth was still very numb.

Mum and Imogen made me custard for dinner as I couldn't eat burgers. It was very nice, but the only problem was that it was hard to get it off the spoon without my top lip. It took a long time to eat. By the time I was finished everyone else had finished washing the dishes. They had given me the night off.

Mum let me watch another movie in the evening. I was very grateful. The movie took my mind off the teeth or rather lack of teeth.

This morning I was feeling a bit better, but not brave enough to try some toast for breakfast. I made porridge instead.

It is still a bit tricky to eat with so few teeth, but at least I am eating proper food again!

I don't want to have any more teeth taken out, even though it was not as bad as everyone made out.

On to the next step, braces!

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  1. Sophie, I had two teeth pulled out on last Tuesday, and I have to have two more pulled out after the holidays. Silly me, I danced on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Was still a bit dizzy!
    Try having LUKEWARM soup and jelly - DON'T have hot or cold food for 48 hours! You might have to have the soup through a straw. And DO NOT run or put your head upside down for 48 hours (or more). I couldn't have toast or hard things for about three or four days.
    Poor thing, four teeth out at once! It wasn't until the third needle did I realise that there WERE needles going into my mouth!

  2. Yuck! I'd hate to have my teeth pulled out!

  3. Hi Sophie, I popped over from your mum's blog because I liked your blog title.

    Your writing reminds me of your mum's - you tell good stories, too!

    I hope your mouth feels better soon. It sounds like you've been very brave!