Special Charlotte


Charlotte is my wonderful big sister!

She is a great artist. She draws excellent dragons and princesses. I sometimes wish I could draw like her. 

Charlotte enjoys reading. She is a bookworm. She reads everything from fantasy to history. She enjoys helping me find books at the library. I really appreciate it when she does that. It is so hard to know whether a book is good or not.

Charlotte is a wonderful story writer. She writes fantasy novels. She inspires me to keep writing even when my novel isn't going too well.

Charlotte often knits me toys. She is always helping me with my knitting too. The toys Charlotte makes me are so special. 

Charlotte loves chemistry. She is always making crystal models and watching movies on the elements of the periodic table. She used to teach me and Gemma-Rose some chemistry as well. I never knew much about it until Charlotte started to have an interest in it. Now I am interested in it too.

Charlotte always takes an interest in what I am doing. She is always finding names for characters in the books I am writing, helping me think up story lines for a new story, helping me out when she notices I am having problems with my piano and a lot of other things.

I love my Charlotte. She is very special!

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