Very Exciting


Gemma-Rose on our piano

Today we got a piano! It was very exciting. It's an upright piano. Our piano teacher has a few pianos and she wanted to give this one to us.

This morning Dad, Callum and Imogen went out to get the piano, leaving everyone else at home to wait excitedly. It was very hard.

Finally they came home, but the truck was a few minutes behind them. That few minutes felt like years. I couldn't wait to see the piano. I had never seen this one when I had my lessons.

When the truck appeared, the men, with the help of Dad and Callum, slowly carried the piano into the house being very careful not to break the piano or the tiles. It did not take half as long time as it felt though.

Then the men left. We all wanted to hear the piano. The piano we had been playing on before was an electric one and sounded much different.

Imogen rushed off to get her music and started to play one of her favourite pieces on the new piano. It sounded wonderful, not that it needed an upright piano to do that, but it did make a big difference.

I was all eager to try out the new piano and went straight off to do my piano practice. I had not done it earlier while they were getting the piano, because I wanted to practise on the new piano. My music sounded so different and grand. I could hardly believe it was me playing the piano!

I love our new piano. It is so wonderful! Do you have a nice piano?

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