About Me

Facts about me:

Name: Sophie

Age: 14

Place in the family: second youngest of eight, fourth of five girls.

If you were a sound, what would it be and why

I'd be a laugh because I can’t stop laughing. If something funny is said, you can be sure I will laughing. I love jokes and quotes. 

If you were a colour, what would it be and why

I'd be red. It seems such a fun colour. It is one of my favourite colours. I love red flowers, red sharpies and red earrings.

If you could be a book character, which one would you be and why

I'd be Betony from The Divide. She leads such an exciting life and doesn’t seem to care how different she is from all other elves. I am different as well. I look different being darker than everyone else in my family. 

What would your perfect day be like

My perfect day would be a day at home with plenty of time to read, write and take photos.

What is your favourite outfit: 

It's a denim skirt and pink T shirt. They are nice and comfy. I like casual clothes better than being dressed up and I love skirts a lot more than pants. You won't catch me dead in jeans. On special days I like the flowery dress Mum made me best though. It is about knee length and has two buttons on the shoulder.

What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten: 

I have eaten snails! When I was little I used to eat snails out of their shells. I found them in the garden. I still get teased about it! I don't mind being teased and I can't sulk for too long, however hard I try. (I don't eat snails any more!)

What is your favourite kind of shoes: 

I like wearing ballet flats or sneakers. Something comfy because I get sore feet easily.

What kind of music would you be: 

I'd be something exciting, like the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. I am always having heaps of fun and I usually have a huge grin all over my face.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!