I love Easter! We go to the Easter Vigil Mass, then come home and have a feast of hot cross buns and chocolate.

We all talk about Easter as we eat them and then Gemma-Rose and I wander off to bed,and leave everyone to do a bit more talking and the dishes.

Easter Sunday is just as special. I get up and Imogen, Charlotte, Callum and Dad have gone out again to sing at another Mass with the choir.

This year Gemma-Rose and I had breakfast and got into our nice white dresses and then did all our own jobs and the big girls' jobs so we would not have to wait around when they got back for the Easter egg hunt and presents. This was the first year we had presents.

Some Easter eggs

We had soon finished the jobs and so I laid the table for dinner. I did not want to have to do it later.

I read a book until everyone else got home and then I heated up more hot cross buns and put them on the family room table and we all sat down to eat them.

When we had eaten ourselves to a standstill, Mum gave us each a big Easter egg. We each got to choose the flavour we wanted. I chose dark chocolate!

My dark chocolate egg

Then Gemma-Rose gave everyone the presents Mum had bought us. I got a big pencil case, sharpies, a stopwatch, hair flowers, a cream egg and two shirts. I felt special.

Next Duncan gave everyone another big egg. I got another dark chocolate one! Mum's egg was massive!!!

After Imogen and Charlotte had given Mum and Dad a few presents each, I gave everyone a present. I gave the boys and Dad a chocolate bar each. Everyone else's presents I made myself. I gave Mum a needle case, Imogen fingerless gloves, Charlotte a small bag and Gemma-Rose a toy rabbit sock creature.

The toy I made Gemma-Rose

Then we had the Easter egg hunt. We ran all over the house trying to find Easter eggs. I came about fourth, which is good and we only lost three eggs! We always lose some eggs.

I then took out my sharpies and doodled until dinner. The sharpies are wonderful and picture was nice and bright.

Next came the big lamb dinner, and after dinner came trifle made by Imogen!

Then everyone went to have a bit of a rest. I played a card game on my own while Gemma-Rose played Pollys.

Imogen, Charlotte, Gemma-Rose and I watched a movie. It was a lot of fun, especially as we gave movies up for Lent.

Our Easter cake

Then we had the biggest Easter cake ever and then I played Pollys with Gemma-Rose!

It was a wonderful Easter Sunday. I love Easter, don't you?

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