Dad has a lot of pets. He just keeps getting them!

His collection is made up mainly of dogs.


There is Canine, his oldest and most trusty pet. He will sit and guard the house all day, and the best bit about him is that he does not eat or need attention. 

Next there is this little dog that someone gave Dad for Christmas one year. He is not even half as old as Canine, but he is still loved. 

This dog may look old, but he is really quite young. I think his rust is starting to show a bit. 

Dad also has some other quite exciting pets...

Pocock Pocock. This lovely peacock is the newest edition to the collection. He is handsome and charming, but the only problem is that he falls over all the time.

This Meerkat is always ready to welcome people. Standing there with his welcome sign he looks very cute!

This snail is always in a good mood, even though not many people like snails. He just keeps on smiling.

Dad got this turtle at the same time as the snail. He sits beside it and does not even think about being annoying. 

This flamingo is as vain as can be. Standing in the middle of the garden on its long legs, it is most definitely looking down on everyone else.


Dad also has one cat, Feline. You would think that living with so many dogs she would be going up the wall, but she just sits there happily beside Canine, watching people go past.

Dad also has two birds, a chicken and a mouse. He some of the best pets ever. Which is your favourite? I think Canine is mine.

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