Surprise China Dolls


About a week ago Callum came home with a surprise for Gemma-Rose and I. He told us to close our eyes as he entered. When we opened them again there were the most beautiful china dolls in front of us. I just stared. They were lovely. Then I got my voice back.


"Callum, thank you! Where did you get them all?"


It turned out that Callum's girlfriend did not want them and had thought of me and Gemma-Rose. It was too good to believe.

Frances (the same name as the new Pope!)

Some of the dolls had name tags on, and those names were gorgeous.


I had only owned one china doll before, but now I have heaps, which I share with Gemma-Rose, of course.


We had to rearrange everything on top of our chest of drawers at once so we could fit them all on. We took off everything and then we dusted and put our china dolls up.

This one has no name

They looked beautiful standing up on our chest of drawers and we just had to tell everyone. We ran over to Callum and he came in to take a photo to send to his girlfriend to show her how much we like them.

This one also has no name

I look up at the chest of drawers and think how lucky I am.

This one is yet another with no name

Which china doll is your favourite? I can't decide which one is mine. I think it might be Charlotte or Kendra

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  1. I like Charlotte and Kendra as well! The first one reminds me of the name Annie, the second Mary and the third Diana. Cute dolls!

    1. Thanks. They are lovely. I feel very special to have been given them. Those are lovely names.

  2. Oh, so very pretty! My favourite would be Anne-Maire or the last one.
    Might I suggest a name (or three!)?
    for the red-head, Mave (may-ve) would be a lovely Irish name!
    the blonde - Polly-Anna suits her wonderfully
    and the brunette - Diana, after Princess Diana
    please post when you have named them!
    Love Sararose xox

    1. Yes, Anne-Marie is lovely. I can't get over how beautiful they are. Frances and Alexandra are also very nice, but I did not get very good photos of them.

  3. What lovely dolls!
    My favorite is the last one I think.
    I think I would name her Rosie or Juliet!
    They are very pretty!