When I was Little


Me when I was little

I remember when I was small. I used to follow the big girls around, always wanting to be one of them. They often let me join in with their games.

Imogen would invent some wonderful games. She would be an inn keeper and we used to be people staying at the inn. Most of the game was spent making the inn. We would take our dress ups and go and fill skirts with pine needles for pillows and big dresses for blankets.

Another game we liked was being on a ship. Whenever we went to the park, the play equipment turned into the ship and I would grab the telescope and Charlotte the wheel or Imogen. They often swapped jobs. Sometimes Charlotte was a crazy cook that put nails in the soup or tyres in the bread. Don't ask me where she thought she would find them out at sea!

On rainy days we had to play indoors. Imogen had some wonderful ideas for those games as well. We would play school and libraries. I enjoyed the school games. Imogen was a wonderful teacher.

We had a lot of Little People and we played some games which went on for days at a time. I remember I often got the people Imogen and Charlotte didn't want.

I love my big sisters. They never left me out and they always let me be one of them. Do you have sisters like mine?

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