My Mum


I love my Mum. She is so kind and loving.

My Mum unschools me at home. She never gets upset or angry. I think she is the best teacher in the would.

Mum likes reading to me and Gemma-Rose. I like it when she reads to us. She is a good reader and makes the characters in stories come alive.

Mum is always willing to help people out. She helps me knit, helps Imogen with her uni work and helps with so many other things that I would have to sit here for a year to list them all. Mum never gets upset when I ask her to help me with something. She just puts down what she is doing and helps me.

It was Mum who taught me to knit, it is Mum who taught me to sew and it is Mum who is now helping me learn to sew on the machine.

Mum is a good knitter. She enjoys knitting cardigans for me and Gemma-Rose. She will go down the shops and come home with heaps of balls of wool and then for the next few weeks she will knit away. The cardigans I own that she has made for me are my favourites.

Like me, Mum likes to blog. She writes wonderful blog posts. She can make even a boring subject interesting. I wish I could write like Mum.

Mum is always listening to my novels and giving me praise. She enjoys helping me out of sticky spots when I don't know what to write next in my stories or when I don't know how to add a character. Mum is really good at giving advice like that because she also likes to write stories.

What would I do without Mum? I have no idea. I would probably go mad. I am so glad I have her.

I want to be like Mum when I grow up. 

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