You and Me


I don't know if anyone remembers the post I wrote called, Getting to Know You? Well I have decided to do another of those except with some different questions. Please answer the questions in a comment. I will answer the questions for myself as I write them.

Full name: Sophie Madeleine Jean Marie Baptist Elvis

Male/Female: Female

Age: Twelve in about a week

Favourite Book: I have way too many

How many are in your family: 10

Favourite Dinner: Lasagne

Favourite Dessert: Triffle or Chocolate mousse

Favourite Number: 12

Favourite Sport: Running

Favourite animal: I don't know, I like too many

Favourite Name: I have a lot, Rachel and Heather would come close to the top

Favourite Month: May (that's the month of my birthday) or December

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  1. Wow, you have a very long name!! Happy Birthday for when you turn 12!
    I love the name Heather!

  2. *Full Name:* Gemma Marie Elizabeth French
    *Male/Female:* Female
    *Age:* 12
    *Favourite Book:* Rangers Apprentice and heaps of others
    *How Many in My Family:* 9
    *Favourite Dinner:* Spaghetti Bolognese and Lasagne
    *Favourite Dessert:* Lemon Meringue Pie, Fried Ice cream and Trifle
    *Favourite Number:* 16
    *Favourite Sport:* Ice skating
    *Favourite Animal:* Leopards
    *Favourite Names:* Sophie, Violet, Diana, Rosemary, Rachel, Naomi, Claire, Melenie and Felicity.
    *Favorite Month:* April

    Thanks! That was fun!!! =D