I have a wonderful Dad! He is very funny and is always making us laugh.

"Dad would you like to play a board game with Gemma-Rose and me?" I ask as I enter his room.

"Sure." Dad stops what he is doing and comes with me and Gemma-Rose to play whatever board game it is we want to play. I don't know many dads who would do that.

"Will you make toad in the hole please, Dad?" I am begging for one of my favourite dinners.

"We had that last week and the week before," Dad says.

"We have sausages in the freezer," I beg. Next thing I know Dad is making toad in the hole for dinner. He is wonderful.

It comes to dinner time and we all sit down to eat. The toad in the hole is wonderful, but we soon find out that Dad has made a dessert too. It is a dessert he used to eat as a boy, spotted dick. It is the first time I have tried it, but it is wonderful.

On the weekends when Gemma-Rose and I are going to watch a movie we always invite Dad along and more often than not he joins us as we watch one of our favourite movies.

"Dad will you come for a run with us tomorrow morning as you're not working?" I beg.

Next morning Dad is out there on the tracks outdoing us. He is a lot of fun.

"Dad can you make a trifle, please?" we beg, and so Dad makes a really big trifle with the thickest custard ever. Yum!

"Can I come shopping with you please, Dad?" I ask as Dad is heading out the door to do the shopping.

"Sure, go get your shoes," I rush off and soon I am pushing the trolley around the supermarket helping Dad with the shopping.

When we go swimming Dad often hops in the pool with us and plays games. It is not quite so fair when he cheats, but none of us mind. He is too much fun!

I love my Dad! I bet he is the best dad in the world!

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