Fingerless Gloves


My fingerless glove

The cold weather is back, and winter will soon be here.

We are all cold and in jumpers and jackets. I see Gemma-Rose rush out of the room.

"Where are you going, Gemma-Rose?" I call after her.

"To get my fingerless gloves," she answers. As I think about it I decide she is right. It is time to bring out the fingerless gloves and warm my poor hands up.

Last year I made myself and Gemma-Rose fingerless gloves when I was tired of having cold fingers, especially when playing the piano.

This Easter I made another pair of fingerless gloves, this time for Imogen. I gave them to her on Easter Sunday as a gift. She was very surprised.

I was also surprised, but for different reasons. The main reason was that I had made three pairs of fingerless gloves out of the same three balls of wool. It was hard to believe that the balls of wool stretched so far. Another reason was that I had made Imogen's glove pattern up when I lost the piece of paper with the instructions for the gloves I made myself, not that I would have been able to make her another pair like mine. Mine took a lot of wool as they were very long!

Charlotte also has fingerless gloves, but she made hers herself out of other balls of wool. She did not knit hers, but took the quicker option of crocheting them. If I could crochet I would have done that rather than spent hours knitting!

I love fingerless gloves and they are very useful! I am going to have to put my gloves on.

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