Favourite Articles on Portrait Photography


Do you have a favourite area of photography? I do! I love taking portraits. There's something special about capturing a person's personality in a photo, don't you think?

Portrait photography isn't easy. It takes more than just knowing your settings and how to compose a shot. You need to be able to make your subjects feel relaxed, direct their poses and know what angles will flatter them.

Today, I wanted to share my favourite articles on photographing people.

5 Tips to Achieve Natural Looking Poses from Seniors
by Jodi Arego
This article tells you how to make your subjects feel relaxed. It also tells you how to pose whoever you're photographing to avoid awkward looking photos.

4 Tips for Sharp Eyes in Portraits
by Audrey Ann
This article talks about the most important detail in portraits, the eyes. With the help of these tips, you'll never have to worry about out of focus eyes again.

10 Ways to Take Stunning Portraits
by Darren Rowse
This article talks about how to take portraits which will stand out. It tells you how to break all posing and composition rules to add interest to your photos.

5 Places to Photograph Portraits in your Home
by Molly Wantland
This article tells you the best places in your house to take portraits. Next time you can't go outside to take your photos you'll have lots of backup locations.

Did these articles help you? Do you an area of photography you'd like me to share links about next? 

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  1. I like that one about posing, I am getting good at ti but there is so much to learn and remember...

    1. I agree. Posing is the hardest part of portrait photography. Your photos are always beautifully posed though.