What I've Learnt From Amy and Jordan Demos


Isn't it amazing what you can learn from other photographers' work? Today I'm sharing what I've learnt from two of my favourite photographers, Amy and Jordan Demos.

Amy and Jordan are husband and wife wedding photographers. Not only do they take beautiful photos, but they're also very inspiring. If you'd like to learn more about them, click here to visit their blog.

Develop your own style

If you scroll through their Instagram feeds you'll notice that all their photos match. Even the ones taken on their phones.

All their photos are taken and edited similarly. Whenever I see one of their photos, I know at once it's theirs because of their style.

Capture the details

Am I the only one who gets so caught up in trying to tell the whole story that I forget about the details? Amy and Jordan don't seem to have this problem.

Along with taking photos of the ceremony, wedding party and reception, they also make time to photograph the smaller details like shoes, rings and flowers.

Never give up
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As I said earlier in this post, Amy and Jordan are very inspiring! The story of how their business began can teach you so much.

Originally they were school teachers. Both of them taught in the same school. Neither of them had even held a DSLRcamera.

But then Amy started to become interested in photography. Before long, she knew she must become a wedding photographer.

For a long time, Amy and Jordan had to teach by day and work on their photography business by night. They were determined to start their business without debt.

And they did! It took them a long time, but at last, they gave up their teaching jobs and settled into photography full time.

This story shows that if you want something enough and work towards it, you'll get there in the end. Never give up!

And there you have it: three things I've learnt recently from Amy and Jordan. I hope that these things help you in your photography.

Who are your favourite photographers? I'd love to check them out, and who knows, maybe they'll end up being featured here in the future.

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  1. One way to find your own style is also to look at all the photographers you like. I found that most of my favourite photographers had somewhat similar styles, and mine is now also kinda like theirs, but it is also mine.

    1. Yes! All the photographers I like have similar photos as well. I definitely have a style I like. I hadn't properly realised this until you mentioned it!