How to Use Pinterest to Improve Your Photography


Do you use Pinterest? I do. Pinterest is a great tool for photographers. There are endless ways you can use Pinterest to improve your photography. Today I want to show you how I use it and some of my boards.

To save my favourite photos

I have a special board I use to save my favourite photos. I love collecting all my favourite photos by other photographers in one place. Saving them together makes it easy to find photos I like again.

Looking at all the photos together has taught me a lot about the style of photography I like. Since creating the board I've realised that I prefer certain types of lighting. I've also noticed that most of the photos on my board have been edited very similarly.

To collect photography articles

I read a lot of photography articles and I love saving all the helpful ones onto a board so that I can read them again later.

To be honest, I actually have two photography article boards. I have one for articles about taking photos and another for ones on photo editing. You don't have to have two, but I like keeping the topics separate.

To keep pose ideas

I always struggle for pose ideas when taking portraits. Recently, I came up with a plan to help this problem. I created a board for pose ideas.

Whenever I see a photo with poses I like, I pin it onto my pose board. So now when I'm going on a photo shoot, I can draw inspiration from my board.

I hope these ideas help you. If you'd like to see a part two, please tell me in a comment. How do you use Pinterest?

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  1. I have some similar boards on Pintrest, like one of photos I want to take...or at least try take similar ones.

    1. I will have to take a look at your boards. Thanks for telling me about them!

  2. This reminded me that I need to install a 'pin it' button on my blog, haha! Great tips - I use Pinterest occasionally, but this post has opened me up to many more ways to help me!
    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige