Filming Long, Long Ago


A couple of weeks ago, we got up early to film a music video for my sister Imogen's YouTube channel. It was a folk song called Long, Long Ago.

Imogen chose a local nature reserve as the setting for her video. We arrived at this location before the sun had risen. Because we were so early, we were able to capture the sun rising in the video.

This music video was a huge project for the whole family. Imogen sang the music, Mum and I worked the cameras, Charlotte recorded behind-the-scenes footage, and Gemma-Rose played the music track Imogen sang with on an iPod.

It was beautiful recording at that time of morning. The light was soft and golden, which made the video magical.

We all enjoyed ourselves, despite the early start. Charlotte ended up recording a lot of hilarious film clips of us being silly.

We finished filming just around 7.15 am. We were all hungry by that point. None us had eaten breakfast yet. But that was ok because we'd packed a picnic.

While we ate, Mum filmed an interview with us about the music video.

"How do you think the video went?" she asked.

"Really well," Imogen replied, which I thought was an understatement.

Mum asked us a lot of other questions about the video. We discussed the difficulties we had while filming. We even retold a few funny things that had happened. It was quite the interview.

Once we'd finished breakfast (and the interview), we headed home and started work on the editing.

Only a few days later, the video was finished, and Imogen uploaded it to her YouTube channel! Would you like to watch?

If you'd like to see more of the behind-the-scenes things, you could also watch the interview Mum had with us.

Or/and you could watch the behind-the-scenes video Imogen made!

All the photos in this post were taken by my mum. I didn't have time to take any photos, but she said that I could use hers. Thank you so much Mum!

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  1. Beautiful, really nice shots there and a lovely place. Imogen's voice is beautiful too.

    1. It was a beautiful location! Hopefully I'll be able to go back there another time to take photos.

  2. The place is buetiful! Awesome video :)