Favourite Articles on Self-Portraits


Do you take self-portraits? I don't often. I like the idea of taking them, but the process daunts me. It takes more work to get a nice photo of yourself than of other people. I'm also not comfortable in front of the camera.

Nevertheless, self-portraits are a great way to improve your photography. That is why I hope I can get over my fear of the camera and start taking more self-portraits in the future.

This week, I'm going to be sharing some articles I've read on the art of self-portraiture.

How to Take a Self Portrait with Your DSLR
Beth Deschamp
This article has lots of photo ideas, tips on getting perfect focus and advice on settings. It's a good starting point.

5 Simple Ways to Take a Better Selfie
Beth Deschamp
This article has some ideas on how you can get more creative with your self-portraits. It's a great guide on how to pose yourself.

5 Steps to Loving Yourself
Alise Kowalski
This article goes over the process of taking self-portraits. It talks about lighting, what gear you need and has some advice on how to relax and enjoy yourself.

5 Tips for Taking Outdoor Self Portraits
Alice Che
This article tells you how to pick a location, pick the time of day to take the photo at and what lenses to use.

I hope these links help you! What's your advice for self-portraits? I could do with all the help I can get! Do you like taking 'selfies'?

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