There's a Cat on my Bedroom Floor


Sammy prowls into my room and flops down on the floor, stretching out so that his tummy spreads everywhere.

Across the room, I look up from what I'm doing and catch sight of him. I grab my camera and crouch down on the floor in front of him.

Snap! goes my camera. Sammy doesn't look up. He’s not in the least bit camera shy.

I crawl closer. I click another photo. Still Sammy doesn't move.

I'm determined to get some good photos. Normally when I try taking photos of cats, they all turn out terribly.

But not today! As soon as I've finished snapping away, I race to my computer to take a look at my shots. I'm surprised by how many photos turned out. They’re better than I hoped.

Which is your favourite photo? Do you have any tips for taking photos of cats?

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  1. I like the third and fourth one the best! :D

    1. My favourite is the third because of how alert he looks!

  2. Well done Cats are not easy subjects, lovely focus.

  3. Thank you! Most of my photos I take of cats turn out blurry. I was rather surprised with this bunch!