Top Ten Favourite Heroines


Today I'm linking up again with the Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday. The theme today is my favourite heroines.


Cinder is a cyborg mechanic living in New Beijing with her foster family. I love the mystery about who she is and where she comes from. I like Cinder for the fact she puts everyone before herself. Even when she wanted to run away and get out of trouble herself, she put others first.


Ella Enchanted
When Ella was born, a fairy gave her the 'gift' of obedience. She has to do just what she is told. I like how quick witted Ella is. She's always thinking up interesting ways to get herself out of trouble. I always smile when reading Ella Enchanted because Ella's just such a fun character.


Pride and Prejudice

With her amazing sense of humour and great lines, Elizabeth is one of my favourite characters of all time. She is loyal and caring, but doesn't mind having a laugh and teasing people. I love how nothing ever seems to worry Elizabeth. 


Heist Society
Kat is a thief, disguise master and owner of some brilliant ideas. She's always up to something exciting. There is never a dull moment in her life. Plus she also has an amazing family and boyfriend.


A Little Bush Maid

Living on a cattle station in the middle of the Australian bush, she's always riding, playing around with her friends and chasing bullocks into paddocks. She always fusses over her brother and her dad even though she's only young. Even though she is always very busy, she still finds time to have fun and be wild.


Neryn has an unique power: She can call fairies and make them obey her. Despite all her powers, she's honest and doesn't believe she's anything special. I love how she never uses her skills for her own benefit and to save herself, but for the better good of the country.


Red Pyramid

In between wearing boots, teasing her brother and saving the world, Sadie is a really funny person. She has a cat who is really the cat goddess, Bast, in disguise, she can read hieroglyphics and can transform into a kite (the bird, not the toy). She's not quite your normal heroine. There's none of the dainty damsel about her.


The Grimm Legacy

Elizabeth works in an unusual library which lends objects, not books. Deep in the library is a collection of things from the Brother Grimm's fairy tales. When they start going missing, Elizabeth doesn't hesitate to try and catch the thief. Elizabeth is an interesting character. She would give up her sense of direction for a magic comb, yet she doesn't think twice about helping others.


Wildwood Dancing
When Jena's father gets ill and has to leave their home for better doctors, Jena is left with their castle and her four sisters to look after. The only help she receives comes from her cousin, Cezar who really wants to take over. Despite everything Jena is put through, she stays strong and tries to protect her sisters. What I like most about Jena is how unusual she is. She helped her father run the castle and accounts. Her best friend is a frog. And she and her sisters regularly visit an enchanted world.


Dragon Whisperer
Quenelda can talk to dragons. With the help of her powers, she works in her father's stables, looking after the dragons. When one day, someone tries to kill her father, she races in and tries to save him, with only the help of a gnome and dragons. I like how Quenelda grows up during the book. At the start she's a bit conceited and doesn't understand about friends, but by the end of the book, she's befriended the unfortunate gnome who has been assigned as her esquire and helped him overcome his fear of dragons.

Have you read any of these books? What do you like to see in heroines? 

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  1. Wow, Elizabeth from P&P has been on a lot of the TTT posts I've ready today. :) I thought about her, but she didn't quite make the cut. Noveltea’s TTT Heroines Edition