Book of the Week: Lionboy by Zizou Corder


Title: Lionboy

Author: Zizou Corder

Stars: 4 out of 5

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Blurb: Charlie Ashanti is the son of two scientists who are kidnapped as the result of a dramatic discovery they’ve made (the cure for asthma, which is rampant in this near-future world). Ten-year-old Charlie decides to go in search of them, and uses his ability to speak Cat (which he’s had ever since he was scratched by a leopard as a baby) to gain helpful information. The local cats of London point him in the right direction and even deliver messages from him to his parents and back. When Charlie finds himself aboard a floating circus that’s heading to Paris, he befriends the circus lions, who become his further accomplices. He’ll help them escape the circus as this first book in a trilogy draws to a close.

Favourite Quote:
“Thanks," he said. "De nada," said Julius. "What does that mean?" said Charlie. "It's nothing, in Spanish." said Julius. "I mean, it means nothing, the word nothing, not that it doesn't mean anything, though of course it doesn't mean anything, it means something: it means nothing. Nothing is what it means. Not that it doesn't mean anything." "No, it means nothing, I know what you mean." said Charlie with a straight face. They started to giggle.” 

Thoughts: Being an asthmatic myself, I really enjoyed this book. I thought the idea of asthma going rampant across the world was really cool. It's not often you hear about asthma in books.

I also thought it was amazing that the book was team written by an author and a schoolgirl. I've tried teaming writing a novel with my younger sister, and it's no easy feat. But Lionboy was brilliant. You'd have never known that two different people wrote it.

Lionboy is the first of three books, so I'll have to borrow the other two from the library next time I visit.

Have you read
Lionboy? What did you think of it? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should read next?

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  1. Hi Sophie! I was thinking about starting the book of the week on my blog - would it bother you if I used your idea?
    Charlie xx

    1. Not at all! I can't wait to see what you recommend.