Book of the Week: Zero Hour by Mark Walden


Title: HIVE 6: Zero Hour

Author: Mark Walden

Stars: 5 out of 5

Genre: sci-fi

Blurb: Overlord is reborn, and has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body, erasing the host`s personality and ultimately killing them, forcing him to hop from victim to victim. He must find Otto, the only host designed to contain him, and for that he needs the location of H.I.V.E. He also plans to take control of a secret US Army facility that is home to the Autonomous Weapon Programme, a computer-controlled system uniquely vulnerable to his control.

Nero is forced to activate Zero Hour, a plan designed to deal with any member of G.L.O.V.E. on the brink of true global domination. Nero also knows that Otto must not be allowed to fall into Overlord`s hands, and a desperate race across the globe begins. The stage is set for a final battle with Overlord. Little do they know that he has a final weapon in his arsenal, on a scale unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Favourite Quote: Shelby: "I don't know if you've noticed, but kung fu doesn't work at long range."

Thoughts: HIVE is one of my favourite series ever. I was really excited when Mum bought us Zero Hour for Christmas. I'd been wanting it for ages, but sadly our library doesn't have it.

One of my favourite things about these books is the characters. The main characters goes to a school for villains, the enemy is a super computer and the side kicks have a mix of interesting abilities. Theses are certainly not the average ingredients for a novel.

Another great thing about the HIVE book is the epic lines! I'm always stopping to read out quotes to Gemma-Rose (who also loves them). All the characters have great senses of humour. The books are really quote-able.

Have you read HIVE? What do you like most about this book series?

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