Time for a Change


When we moved into our house six years ago, Gemma-Rose and I were given the smallest room as we're the youngest. But two weeks ago, our older brother Callum left home. The rest of us decided it'd only be fair to move around rooms so that Gemma-Rose and I got a bigger one.

So the other day we packed everything up and spent hours moving furniture, scrubbing walls and dusting. It was a lot of hard work, but finally it was all over. Gemma-Rose and I looked around our new room and couldn't believe it, it's so BIG!

The very next day the trouble started. Gemma-Rose was just making her bed when Imogen opened the door and entered, forgetting that the room wasn't hers any more.

Over the next few days, heaps of these mistakes were made. I headed into Duncan's wardrobe for my clothes, someone would walk into the wrong room, I'd hear my former bedroom door open and think someone was entering my room. Old habits die hard!

Luckily though, those mistakes are starting to get fewer. I still occasionally go in wrong direction and still feels strange to knock on my former bedroom's door. But it's getting better.

Along with our bedroom being much bigger than our old one, it's also looks a lot better. The other day, Mum looked at our quilt covers and decided that it was time to get some new ones. So off to town we went.

We came back a while later with brand new bedding. Mum had also surprised us by buying us rag rugs and mink blankets. 

I also got a new desk. When Callum moved, he told me that I could keep his desk and to go with it, his lava lamp (I've always wanted one of them). Gemma-Rose's and my room looks totally amazing now!

this is what our old room looked like

I love our new room. It's awesome to have so much space to yourself. Our old room wasn't that bad, but it doesn't compare to our new room!

What's your room like? Do you share with a sibling?

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  1. Hi Sophie! Your new bedroom looks awesome!! I want to redesign my room. I've slept my room for almost ten years!! I spotted the owl to Beth made you on your bed. Didn't she do a good job? :) Scarlet 💕

    1. Thank you! We had a lot of fun setting it up.
      She did. I really like it.

  2. What fun! I always love moving my room around. We moved recently, so I got to do just that! It was a lot of fun and I bought myself a new desk. It's really big and has an extra pull out workspace that I store my computer on. It's awesome.
    Charlie xx

    1. You should put some photos of your new room on your blog. I'd love to see it!
      Ooh! You're desk sounds awesome. Big desks are the best.

  3. Oh, it is so cute! I love how to took before and after photos...I have moved my bedroom around so many times, but I ALWAYS forget to take before pictures. :P I guess I'll just have to use my memory. ;) I also know what you mean, it would take me a few weeks to stop walking down the hall to my room! We humans are so funny. :D I'm glad you like your new room!

    1. Thanks! I actually took the before shots a few months ago when I first got my camera. They're really quite old photos. It wasn't planned.
      We're making less mistakes than we used to. I can almost remember where I need to go now.

  4. I have a pretty small room, but it's my own. (I share it with the sewing supplies..) Moving rooms is always fun! hahaa, I knoww, I do that whenever you change rooms. Pretty soon it will be normal though. :D Your bedroom looks awesome!

    1. We used to move house a lot, so six years is the longest I've ever spent in a bedroom before! It's really hard to break those habits.
      Thank you!