Visiting London and Making Postcards


Today we went to London. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben and learnt heaps. It was so much fun. The best thing about it was we didn't even have to leave our family room. It was all on Mum's computer.

Mum has found all these videos about different countries and cities on YouTube. We go on a different trip each week. Gemma-Rose and I really enjoy it.

When we came back from our adventuring on YouTube today, Mum had a brilliant idea. Why don't we make our own post cards about London?

I grabbed my computer and raced to Morguefile to find some pictures to do with London. I found plenty of photos of Big Ben, heaps of pictures of the London Eye and some of the Beefeaters.

Once I had all the pictures I wanted, I went to Picmonkey and started to turn them into postcards. I couldn't believe how good they looked.

Gemma-Rose and I spent ages playing with photos, turning them into postcards and finding good words to go onto them.

After a while we had to stop for lunch. I didn't really want to stop, it was so exciting. I will have to make some more later.

I  am going to make postcards to go with every country we learn about. I sure I can find good photos for countries like Vietnam or New Zealand.

Mum is all buzzing with new ideas. I can't wait to try out some of her other ideas like making movie posters.

Do you like my postcards? Which is your favourite? Mine is the one of the London Eye.

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  1. Sophie- I just hopped over from your Mum's blog. Your postcards are beautiful. They look like professional ones you'd buy in store. Have you heard of It is a website where you can sign up and send and receive postcards to/from random people all over the world. It is lots of fun.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards!

  2. Sophie, I just clicked over from your mother's blog. Wow! You have a terrific blog here, and I LOVE the postcards! I have collected postcards (the kind sent by snail-mail, of course) since I was 10 (a VERY long time ago), and yours are outstanding. 100 per cent professional. What a treat for a postcard lover like me :) !