Picnic at the Park


"Shall we get some rolls and fillings and go down to the park for a picnic?" Mum asked.

"Oh yes please," we all cried.

We all hopped into the car and Mum drove us to the shopping centre.

We walked around trying to find what we wanted to eat.

"How about ham and potato salad?" Mum asked us. We all agreed it was a wonderful idea.

We found the potato salad, meat and rolls.

We also got some yoghurt and honey to eat after the rolls.

We went down to the park. It was mostly empty so we could sit at our favourite bench.

 Imogen and Mum served out the rolls and we all started to eat.

The rolls were scrumptious. We were all hungry.

After the rolls Imogen found the yoghurt. We didn't have any bowls to eat out of so we put the yoghurt in disposable cups and poured honey on top of it.

The yoghurt even though eaten in such a strange way was very delicious. I decided that yoghurt tastes nicest out of disposable cups.

It was a wonderful picnic.

When we went back home we were very full. I couldn't eat another bite.. We had the best picnic ever.

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