Hattie Big Sky


Mum has just finished reading Hattie Big Sky to me and Gemma-Rose. It was really good.

It is about a sixteen year old girl who gets left a claim of land by her uncle when he dies. She can't wait to prove up on it. But proving up doesn't turn out to be as easy as she thinks. 

The book is set in the First World War. Hattie's claim of land is in Vida Montana. We have never read a book about the World War that is set in the USA before.

My favourite bit in the story is when Hattie is being chased by some wild horses and, not being able to outrun them, she takes off her skirt and starts waving it at them. It was very funny.

Rooster Jim would have to be my favourite character. He is a very comical character and his ways of sorting out problems are hilarious. His way to make a chicken lay eggs made me laugh. 

I never really thought about how much work it would be to run a farm. Hattie had to get up at the crack of dawn, see to all her animals, get breakfast and start working on her fields. She would also have to cook, clean and wash clothes. Life sounds so hard back then.

To earn money Hattie wrote her stories of what she was doing and sent them to a newspaper. I was very surprised to find that she liked writing like me. 

The book is based on the author's great grandmother's life, though it isn't quite the same. It is hard to believe that some of the things that happened in the book might have really happened to a real person.

I really enjoyed listening to the book. I can't wait for Mum to read the sequel. 

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