Lunch Time, Movie Time


"Would anyone like to watch a movie?" Mum asked one day. We all nodded.

"Should we watch Shakespeare?" someone suggested.

"Or a Gilbert and Sullivan?" someone else asked.

"What about a Jane Austen or a Charles Dickens?" Imogen offered. My head went up. I had never watched a Jane Austen or a Charles Dickens. I had always been too young.

"Jane Austen," Gemma-Rose begged. We all agreed.

I only knew the story line to Pride and Prejudice. I was excited because I was going to find out what all the other Jane Austens were about.

We settled for watching Persuasion. It was a good movie and we all enjoyed it. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to watch another Jane Austen after it, and then another favourite mini-series of the big girls', North and South

One day when we had just finished watching an episode of North and South, Mum turned and looked at Gemma-Rose with a funny expression. "What are you doing watching these movies? Aren't children your age supposed to like watching Barbie?" she asked. Gemma-Rose just grinned. She likes to do what older people do.

Mum doesn't mind Gemma-Rose watching with us at all really, she was just wondering why she likes all these movies for older people.

We have taken to watching an episode of a mini-series at lunch time each day. When we had had enough of Jane Austen we started on Charles Dickens. They are also very good. I really enjoy watching them.

At the moment we are watching Bleak House. My favourite character is Mr Guppy. He is very funny. You can't help but laugh at him. 

We are watching the mini-series one episode at a time. It leaves me wondering what is going to happen next? How will the mystery be solved? It is hard to wait for the next lunch time to find out. 

Do you like watching period dramas? Which is your favourite? 

I am going to have to read all of the books. I have a lot of fun ahead of me.

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