How to Remove Noise from a Photo Using Lightroom


I hardly ever make huge changes to my photos. Most of the edits I do are just small tweaks. But I've found that these tiny edits can make a huge difference to my final photo.

One of the edits that I find useful is noise reductions. Noise is the grain that appears in your photos when you're using high ISOs. I don't have an external flash, so when I shoot inside, I have to rely on higher ISOs. This means that I generally end up with a fair amount of noise in my photos.

Luckily for me, Lightroom has a great noise reduction tool that I can use to minimize the noise in my photos. In today's video, I'm showing you just how I use this tool on my photos.


What are your favourite tools in Lightroom? Is there something that I should be using?

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  1. That is what I do with noise too, although I sometimes also paint (with the brush tool) some extra sharpening over faces and other detail too.

    1. It is one of the most useful tools, isn't it? I quite often end up adding some extra sharpening to my photos as well. Just to make sure I haven't lost any of the important details. But I didn't want to make this video to long and complicated, so I limited it just to noise reduction.