What I've Learnt from Frosted Productions' Photos


Ever since I started to learn photography, I've been studying every photo I see. Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn from looking at other photographers’ work?

Other photographers’ work is the inspiration for my new blog post series. In each post, I will talk about one photographer and tell you what I've learnt from their photography.

Today, I'm taking a look at Amber Bauerle (a.k.a Frosted Productions), a child fashion and portrait photographer. If you'd like to learn more about her and see her photos, visit her website here.

Onto what I've learnt from Amber Bauerle's photos.

It's all in the eyes

All of Amber Bauerle's portraits have sharp eyes. After looking at her photos, I now notice the sharpness of the eyes in my photos. I never used to look very closely at them and because of that, they were often soft/ blurry. Now I pay attention to make sure I get them in focus as much as possible.

It's amazing what a huge difference sharp eyes make to your photos, especially if you're using a really small f/stop. Sharp eyes can be the difference between your photo looking fuzzy or in focus.

A smile isn't the only option

Sometimes it's impossible to get natural smiles from your subject. I used to stress about my subject giving a fake smile, or worse, not smiling at all. After looking through many, many photos of Amber Bauerle's, I'm starting to realise just how powerful a photo can be without a smile.

Photos tell stories. Interesting, natural expressions tell stories far better than any fake smile can. Funny, stupid and quirky expressions will make people stop to look for the story behind the photo. At least, this is what I do when I find photos with unique expressions. Do you do the same?

Details matter

When taking portraits, I tend to get carried away with camera settings, expressions, lighting etc. Often I forget about the smaller details in the photo, such as positions of hands, legs and feet.

In every photo I've seen of Amber Bauerle's, she's taken note of the smallest details and arranged them so that they compliment the pose beautifully. The details really matter and this is an area I need to improve on.

When I slow down and look at everything, I find my photos look so much nicer. I might end up taking less of them, but that's not a big deal when I end up with more photos I'm happy with.

Accessories don't hurt

Amber Bauerle knows how to accessorise her subjects. She often completes her photos with beautiful props such as hats, hair flowers and amazing hairstyles. (Yes, I consider hair an accessory).

While accessories aren't important, they definitely help to add more to your photo's story.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I've learnt from Amber Bauerle. Would you be interested in reading more posts like this one? Also, does anyone have any photographers to recommend to me? Who is your favourite photographer? I'd love to check them out!

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  1. Great post I would be interested in more posts of this sort. By the way I tagged you http://claredot.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/one-lovely-blog-tag.html

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post! I'm hoping to make it a regular feature.
      Thank you so much. I shall take a look right now.

  2. Very nice post! Some of my fave photographers are Sandra Bianco, Jake Olson and Lisa Holloway.

    1. Thank you for reading and leaving suggestions! I will take a look at their photos right now. I'm always looking for new photographers to look at.

  3. I like the way you analysed this photographers style. It shows you truly want to improve and learn which is an admirable quality! Keep up the wonderful work!
    xx Brittany - www.hellobubblegum.com