Running and Breakfast


The car stopped. We all hopped out. All eight of us. We were all going for a run around the lake. It was only about seven in the morning. The perfect time for a run.

We all put our bottles down on the table and took off our jackets. We would not need them. Then we all took to the path.

We ran off, around the ladies running up and down and doing stretches.

I was happy. Normally it is just Imogen, Mum, Charlotte, Gemma-Rose, me and sometimes Dad in the holidays, running around the field at the end of our road. But not today. Mum had arranged for us to have a big breakfast down at the lake after a run.

Callum said he would come too and Duncan decided to come for a walk, but soon Gemma-Rose got him running.

One, two three... the laps were just whizzing by, I was on a roll. I did not want to ever stop, but by ten laps I was getting a bit tired. I decided it was time to finish. Ten laps is a long way, about 5.25 kms.

Everyone else had the same idea and soon we were all tucking into coco pops, crumpets and yoghurt. It was the best breakfast ever and I felt like I had earnt it after all that running.

Everyone was laughing and talking. I smiled. I was so happy I could run another ten laps. Maybe not. Anyhow I had a crumpet to finish.

Do you like running? I think that having an early run is a wonderful way to start a day.

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  1. Thank you so much! I love running. It is so much fun, and breakfast afterwards is wonderful.