My Piano Lesson


I am excited, Mum has arranged for me to have piano lessons. For the past few years Imogen has been teaching me. She is a good teacher, but being taught by your sister is not the same as having a professional  teacher.

Imogen, Charlotte and I troop up to the front door. I am ready to impress my new teacher. Our teacher opens the door smiling. She is a kind woman and she says that I can have the first lesson.

I am a bit nervous. Will I be good enough? Have I practised enough? All these thoughts run through my head as I enter the music room.

I have only ever played on an upright piano, but my teacher has a grand one. I wonder what it will be like to play on one.

The teacher asks me what scales I can play and soon I am enjoying myself, showing my teacher what I have learnt and what I am learning.

She patiently listens to what I play and fixes up the mistakes. She starts to make things more fun and exciting than I ever thought possible and I listen all ears and try to do as she says.

All too soon my lesson is over. It is Charlotte's turn to be taught. I start picking up my books and folder. My teacher picks up a chocolate and hands it to me. I cannot believe it, nor can Imogen and Charlotte. In all the years that they had been having piano lessons, they never got chocolates. I feel very happy and special.

Piano is more fun than work now. I can't wait for my next lesson.

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  1. Well done! I love playing piano too!

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