My Rosary Beads


When I was seven I had my First Holy Communion. My Godparents gave me a wonderful set of rosary beads. They are the nicest set I have ever seen.


A while ago I lost them. I was very upset when I went to find them and they were not in the drawer I had put them. Mum told me that they would turn up though.

It was only the other day when I was trying to find some batteries for Charlotte's watch that I found them. Somehow they had made it to the battery drawer without me knowing.

I was so happy. I wanted everyone to know all about me finding my rosary beads. I ran straight over to Charlotte shouting about my rosary beads. She seemed just as pleased as I was that I had found them. I think Charlotte is the best big sister ever. Even though they were not her rosary beads she was happy that they had been found.

Do you have a favourite set of rosary beads?

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  1. Hi,
    What a lovely set of rosary beads! You are wonderful at taking photos.
    I have only one set of rosary beads, but they are not half as nice as yours look. Great blog post.
    I love your new blog back ground.

    1. Sorry, but I forgot to ask. Where did you get your blog background?

    2. Thanks. I got the background on hot bliggity blog.