More Maths Fun


Mum has found us a brand new site for Maths. It is called Kid's Math Games Online. On it you can watch videos, play games, take quizzes and even get pictures.

We soon found that the people who made that site made two others. They are the same except with different subjects. One is science and the other is English.

I liked the maths one best, though I am sure Charlotte would love the science one better. She loves chemistry, while I like maths.

Mum found some print off Sudoku puzzles and I spent all morning trying to work them out. I love Sudoku.

I made up my mind to see what else was on the site, so off I went to my computer. I lifted the lid and started to play online chess against the computer. I also looked at pictures and some other games for things like addition and money.

I had so much fun looking at Kid's Math Games Online. I love maths. Do you?

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  1. Hi,
    That site sounds so cool. I will have to check it out.
    I don't really like maths that much, but the way you wrote that it made it sound as if maths is the most fun thing in the world, better even than movies.

    1. It is a wonderful site. I hope you enjoy looking at it.