Famous Mary Poppins Secret in Narnia with Little Women


I have a lot of books that I love to read. There is so much to read and so much to learn that I do not know where to start.

Some of my favourite books are The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, Narnia, Mary Poppins and Little Women they are all great books. I like a lot other books to but I do not remember them right now.

I remember when I was learning to read and Mum asked, “Do you think that you will be like the big girls and always read books instead of playing with Gemma-Rose?”
I said no but I was wrong. Now I love to read more than to play.

I got the complete Mary Poppins for my birthday and I am already up to chapter five. What I like about books is that if you get a good book you can just picture it in your mind. I think that the world would be boring if we did not have books.

Two weeks ago there was a Mary Poppins day in a park in Bowral. Bowral was said to be the birth place of P.L Travers who wrote Mary Poppins. There were a lot of people and everyone had an umbrella. In fact there was so many people there that they got into the Guinness book of records.

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  1. What a long and interesting post title!

  2. I like reading books, too. Have you read the naughtest girl books by Enid Blyton? I've started reading Little Women and Carrie read a few Narnia books to me and Melanie.


  3. I think I might have heard of them but I have not read them.What is your favourite person in Little Women? I think I like Jo best.

  4. Have you seen Mary Poppins and Little Women on DVD, Sophie? What do you like best - the books or the movie?:) love Auntie Vicky xx

  5. I have seen Mary Poppins but I have not yet seen Little Women. I like the books best.

  6. Sorry if I didn't reply quick enough but I've been very busy. I don't think I've read enough to know who my favorite person is but I will let you know when I've read some more.

  7. Thank you Bethany. It is all right that you did not reply quickly.
    love Sophie