Birthday Bears


We all have birthday teddies that we got on the day that we were born. Thomas has a lot of birthday teddies.

My birthday teddy is named Honey. I love her a lot. She sleeps on the end of my bed. She is very patient. Once when it was very noisy and I was trying to get to sleep I put her on my head and when I woke up I was lying on top of her.

Gemma-Rose has a bear named Elizabeth. She is very pretty.

Charlotte did not get her bear on the day she was born but she got it on one of her birthdays. She did get a teddy on the day she was born. In fact she got two teddies on the day she was born but they were not big like everyone else’s teddies. Her big teddy’s name is Bernadette.

Imogen’s teddy’s name is Barney Bear. Once when she let me play with it I got tomato sauce on him. It took a long to get it out of his fur.

Thomas gets a teddy every birthday and every Christmas for presents and Mum puts them in her room. He died the day after he was born so he can’t play with them.

I do not know the names of Felicity’s teddy or Duncan’s teddy or Callum’s teddy. All I know is that Felicity and Duncan gave their bears to me and Gemma-Rose.

Mum has also written a post about Thomas’s Teddies at Sue Elvis Writes.

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  1. Hi Sophie!
    Thank you for the cup!!! It is wonderful!!!

  2. I love all your teddies, Sophie. They look very cuddly and well-loved! love Auntie Vicky xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!!!

  4. Thank Sara. You're really kind.

    I am glad that you liked the cup.

    Love from Sophie