Meet the Limes


I am writing a story about a homeschooling family called 'The Limes." They have four children: Liz, Kate, John, and Tom. I drew some pictures of them. I like my picture of Kate best.

This is Mr Lime. He is a primary school teacher and is very funny. He loves to spend time with his family. He likes to play board games and cricket. He also likes to watch cricket. His favourite food is chocolate.

This is Mrs Lime. She is a very pretty lady. She's very kind too. She has a lot of work to do looking after the house and children. She likes to knit cardigans for the children and watch saints movies. Her favourite food is Pavlova.

This is Tom. He is ten. He likes to play indoor soccer with his friends. He's the best in team.He also likes to read adventure stories. He wants to go camping someday. His favourite food is oranges.

This is Kate. She eight and is very thin, tall and pretty, just like her mum. She loves to read saint books,  Enid Blyton stories and princess stories. She also likes to write stories and cook cakes and dinners. Her favourite food is chocolate cake.

 This is Liz. She is six. She loves to play with her dolls Amy, Sunny, Jonathon and Peach. She also likes to watch movies. Her favourite movies are: Inspector Gadget, Barbie, especially A Fairy Secret, and Herbie. Her favourite food is yogurt. Her favourite flavour is strawberry.

This is John. He is three. he likes to get messy by playing with mud and playdough. He likes to make playdough farms. He also love to have his dad read him bedtime stories. And most of all he likes to be loved. His favourite food is mandarins.

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading your stories, Sophie:) The pictures are lovely. love Auntie Vicky xx

  2. Hi Sophie.
    I like kate the best and miss lime and lizz.

    From Melanie xo xo