Despicable Me: Movie Review


The story: Gru, the world's greatest criminal, wants to steal the moon. But bank won't give him the money he needs for it because he didn't have the shrink ray he needed to steal it. He decides to steal it from another criminal. To do this he needs three orphans who sell cookies. But the orphans want a home and a family, even if it means turning Gru into a dad.

It was a very exciting movie because things keep going wrong and Gru has to try and fix it.

My favourite part was when Gru was trying to explain to the bank his plan for getting the moon and the three orphan girls mess it up for him.

My favourite character is Agnes, the smallest orphan. She loves unicorns. When she sees a really, really fluffy unicorn toy, she just has to have it.

I really liked the movie. I want to watch it again.

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  1. After reading your review, I can't wait to watch the movie.

  2. Despicable me is AWESOME!!! You described it perfectly!

  3. I just watched Despicable Me last night after renting it from Blockbuster and it was so great! I work for DISH so when I found out that they’re giving new customers Blockbuster free for three months, I told my mom to sign up right away. Now she uses it all the time and so do I! I got Despicable Me for my two younger brothers and it really was a movie for the whole family. I must say, everyone loved the minions.