My Afternoon with Mum


Every Wednesday Imogen goes to work. Mum always takes one of us younger girls shopping with her. We do the shopping, then we have some afternoon tea.

This week it was my turn to go with Mum. First we dropped Imogen off at work, then we went shopping. I saw some really cute bags. They were pink. One had an 'M' on it. Both bags were very small.

After shopping we went for afternoon tea. Mum got a hot chocolate. I chose a strawberry slushie. I've been wanting one of those for a long time. I also had an iced eclair. It was really nice. I've never had one of those before.

My slushie was so thick that I had trouble sucking it up the straw. I had to drink it so slowly, that I had to finish it in the car. But my cake was all gone.

I had a wonderful trip out with Mum.

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  1. Next time it is your turn for a one-on-one outing with me it will be your birthday! I wonder what you will choose for afternoon tea that day. Something special!

  2. Hello Sophie. Your blog looks really pretty.
    I like your blog and Gemma-Rose's a lot and your sisters' and your mums'.