Going to Camp


This week we went to a homeschoolers' camp. I like going to the camp because I get to see all my friends. The campsite is in the bush. It is nice, peaceful and quiet. I like walking through the bush.

On Tuesday we had a bishop come to the camp. He talked to us about his vestments, why he has a staff, and how they elect popes. He has a staff because he is like the good shepherd. A shepherd needs a crook to pull sheep out of holes and mud.

On Wednesday we had an athletics carnival. I was in a relay race. We came second. We had sprints too, and a cross country race. In the cross country I raced against the other girls my age and I won! I went in the long jump too, and the high jump. In the high jump we had ink on our fingers and had to see how high we could put the ink.

One of my friends had a birthday that day. We brought a big chocolate cake for her. We sang happy birthday and then ate the cake. It was yummy.

On Thursday we were consecrated to Our Lady. We said a prayer that was written by St Maxamilian Kolbe. In this prayer we promised to be obedient to Mary and do what she wanted us to do. Then we were given big miraculous medals to wear. I wore mine all day. We brought some home for the rest of the family too.

I really enjoyed the camp because there were lots of people to play with and I made some new friends. I like making new friends.

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