Scooters Round the Lake


My sisters and I are the Speed Angel Sisters. The Speed Angel Sisters ride their scooters all together. We ride single file, having fun together.

Yesterday the Speed Angel Sisters went to the park with their scooters. It was the first time we had all ridden our scooters together. We were extremely excited.

When we had put up our scooter we ran to the path and scootered off. Gemma-Rose was in the lead. Charlotte was at the back. We rode round the lake. I was happy because we were all together on our scooters.

We had to keep on jumping off the scooters when people walked by. Then, once we were past them, we jumped on and zoomed off again.

In the middle we stopped for some afternoon tea and a drink. I didn't expect afternoon tea. It was a big surprise when Imogen pulled the food out of her bag. After we had eaten we were ready to go again.

When I was too tired to scooter any more, Gemma-Rose and I went to play on the play equipment. It was crowed with mothers and children come to play in the park in the holidays. We still managed to have fun.

Then Imogen and Charlotte came on their scooters to get us. They had continued going round the lake. We jumped off the play equipment and ran to the picnic table where Dad was waiting for us.

I really liked going to the park with my sisters. I like riding scooters with them. Go the Speed Angel Sisters!

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