The Annunciation


In the morning Gemma-Rose and I made vanilla cakes for the Annunciation. They were very quick and easy. I had a lot of fun. When we had finished the cakes we made yes cards. Yes cards are little hearts with yes written on them for Mary said yes to God and so should we. 

How to make the yes cards

1.                  Find two heart shaped things to draw around, something to colour them in with and some glitter if you have any.

2.                  Draw around the bigger heart shaped thing on to a piece of card and then around the smaller heart shaped thing twice and write yes on them. When we made them Charlotte wrote in fancy writing that came from a book.

3.                  Colour in the writing.

4.                  Then decorate with flowers, hearts or whatever you think would make them            
look nice.

5.                  Put some glitter on them and let them dry.

6.                  Draw around the little heart shaped thing a few more times.

7.                  Then write yes on them.

8.                  When you are done with the big one and the two small hearts put a hole at the top of the hearts and at the bottom off them and string them up together with some beads at the bottom of the last one.

9.                  When the little hearts are done, string them up too with beads at the bottom.

Thank you for reading, Sophie

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  1. The hearts look so pretty hanging from the curtain rails!

  2. You are very kind. Thank you.