I Work for a Musician


photo credit: sue elvis

I have a job where I get paid in spoons. I’ll explain.

Last week after we filmed Imogen's latest music video (Hallelujah), we went second-hand shopping. We hoped to find some clothes or jewellery we could use in one of Imogen's videos.

While everyone else looked at the clothes, I got distracted. Sitting in a corner of the shop was a rack of spoons. Little silver old-looking spoons.

"They'd be an amazing prop for photography," I commented.

Imogen looked over at me and then down the spoons, but she didn't say anything.

Soon, we finished looking around the shop. As we were heading over to the counter to buy our treasures, Imogen turned to me. "Would you like three of those spoons?" she asked.

My mouth dropped open.

"Think of it as payment for filming my videos," Imogen told me. We walked back to the rack.

I ran my eyes over the unique spoons. It was hard to pick, but I finally selected my three favourites and passed them to Imogen to buy. "Thank you so much!" I cried, wrapping my arms around her.

Imogen smiled at my excitement. Even though she doesn't do photography, she understands my love of it.

So yes, I do have a job. I film music videos for my sister Imogen. And I did get paid in spoons. I can't think of a better payment!

I've just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel. It’s about Imogen's music. I hope you'd like to watch!

Do you have a job? If so, what is it? Also, what is the best present you've ever been given? Tell me in a comment.

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  2. You do so well when you film her videos. And what a unique payment! I have a job, but not quite as interesting - I work at a fruit and veg shop. It's pretty cool though because I learn a lot about the produce we sell. And it's fun to mess around with the guys working there too!