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There are many things to think about when composing a photo. You have so many options to consider. You could use the rules of thirds or maybe a centre composition. You could take the photo from above or even below your subject. The list is endless.

Today I’d like to share some articles I’ve read recently to do with composition. I hope they help you. All these articles talk about a different aspect of composition.

How Leading Lines Will Improve your Photos
by Renata Plaice
What are leading lines? They are visual lines in a photo that lead the eye from one point in the image to another. The most successful lines lead from the bottom corner(s) or the bottom edge of the frame but there are many possibilities as photography is not an exact science! click to read more

by Sarah Wilkerson
Approaching a subject from all sides, far, near, overhead, and beneath is a wonderful way to explore light, angles, composition, and qualities of your subject you might otherwise have missed. This month, however, we are going to focus strictly on overhead shooting, from the extreme birds-eye view to a simple standing position with the camera pointed downward. Here are ten technical and creative tips to strengthen and diversify your overhead shooting. click to read more

by Erin
What exactly is negative space? Anything that is not part of your subject. Yet compliments it.
Most images with negative space are very simple images. I think that’s one reason I love them is their unique simplicity! Even when I am photographing a family session or senior session there is something intriguing to me, to create an image with alot of negative space. Why? I feel it draws my eye strongly into the subject. At the same time giving me a sense of wonder. click to read more
by Kelly Marleau
Some people walk into a room and see decor, art or colour.
Not me.
I see light and framing. If my camera is in hand, as soon as I enter a room my eyes instantly dart around to find what I can use to help me compose my image – windows, doorways, walls, shadows, furniture. Part of the reason I love shooting indoors is the way a home can infuse itself into an image. I don’t believe in allowing a home to simply serve as a background; I force it to be a silent participant in the photo session. There are so many options when it comes to framing within an image, but here are a few of my favourite ways to frame your subject indoors. click to read more
Do you like exprimenting with composition? I sure do! What subject would you like me to share articles on next time? Tell me in the comments.

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