How to Read More Books


There doesn't seem to be enough time to read all the amazing books in the world.

Today I'm sharing my tips to help you read more books.

Read One Book at a Time

I hardly ever finish reading the books I'm reading if I try to work through two at the same time. I keep forgetting what happened in which book and who the characters are. Then when one book gets exciting I forget all about the other and most likely never finish it.

I find that reading one book at a time helps me understand the story line easier and I even finish my books faster which means I can read more of them!

Keep a Reading Notebook

I try to record almost all the books I read in an Evernote notebook. I write down the date I finished it, what I thought of it and my star rating (similar to what I do in my review posts). For more information please read my sister, Imogen's, blog post

Keeping a record like this inspires me to read more often. I love to see the amount of books I’ve read go up and to be able to look back at the books I've already read.

I think you can also do something similar on Goodreads, but I don’t know much about that.

Take Advantage of Spare Moments

There is so much time in a day which I could be reading in. I just wish that I used this time better than I do.

I chomp through my reading list a lot faster if I use the spare moments in my day. These times include when I’m waiting for something in the oven, when I can’t sleep or when I’m having my morning tea.

Read Kindle Books

There is nothing like the feeling of reading a ‘real’ book, but there are a lot of advantages to reading Kindles. Kindles are light (perfect for traveling), Kindle books are cheaper, and you can even change the font and size of the text you’re reading, just to mention a few.

I prefer bringing my Kindle with me when I go out places rather than lugging around a heavy book. I love reading while waiting outside piano lessons, on trains and in waiting rooms, so my Kindle is my best friend.

What are your tips? Do you agree with any of these?

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  1. And listen to audio books! Although I often am reading about 5 books at a time, but they are all very different books. And I get through a lot of books..... 111 so far this year :D